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Yacht Charter Types

Thinking about a yacht charter but not sure which type of yacht would best suit your needs? You’re not alone. With thousands of different options available, knowing which type of yacht to use is often an obstacle for many charter guests.

There are several considerations to make when choosing a yacht, from the hull configuration to the propulsion system. However, in order to make things simple, we’ve categorised our yachts into four distinct groups and outlined the characteristics of each.
Yacht Types

Sailing Yacht

Lightweight, manoeuvrable, and elegant, the traditional monohull sailing yacht is an iconic sight across seas globally. Their simple but well refined design is an excellent choice for those who seek the thrill and adventure of sailing but also enjoy modern comforts.

Whilst it is true that sailing monohulls do compromise on speed and space, they are often a more budget and environmentally friendly option than some of their gas-guzzling peers and offer a more quiet and peaceful way to explore the seas.
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A catamaran describes a yacht with two equally sized hulls connected by a bridge deck. It is often the most sought-after yacht type for charter vacations and can be powered by either motors or sails.

Catamarans are an excellent choice for families and groups due to their large open plan indoor layouts which give a feeling of space and make way for sizeable outdoor decking areas.

In addition to their space, their multihull design allows for superior stability and the capacity to sail in much shallower waters than monohulls, making them the perfect option for cruising around island groups and coastlines in comfort.
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Simply defined as a yacht greater than 79ft (24m) in size, superyachts represent the very pinnacle of yacht design. They come in variety of shapes and layouts, often have large permanent crews, and have a wide range of amenities that range from swimming pools to onboard cinemas.

As such, superyachts are a fantastic choice for large groups, corporate events or those seeking to experience the finest in luxury vacations. They are also well suited to guests wishing to sail large distances due to their highly advanced technology, durability, and onboard safety equipment.
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Featuring powerful engines and sleek glamorous designs, Poweryachts are understandably a very popular choice among charter guests.

Their high performance allows guests to travel quickly and efficiently from one destination to another, without having to rely on wind conditions or currents. The result? You can see and do much more with the same amount of vacation time.

In addition, whilst their catamaran competitors have modern open plan designs and large decking areas, poweryachts reflect the opposite. They feature grand, dazzling interiors that focus on large luxurious cabins and ensuites, making them a great option for groups made up of several couples or those who prefer privacy.
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A gulet yacht describes a traditional wooden sailing vessel commonly found in Turkey and other parts of the eastern Mediterranean.

Gulet yachts are known for their charm and combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern amenities. They feature luxurious wooden cabins and lounges that are full of character and detail.

If you're looking for a unique and alluring yacht charter in the eastern Mediterranean, look no further than a gulet to create a truly unforgettable sailing experience.
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Excellent service! Booked a catamaran charter in the BVIs for two weeks with the wife back in May. Loved every minute! hoping to go back next year.
Will Hatch
Our yacht experience was the absolute best. We had a great time! The crew knew all our preferences ahead of time and were very flexible with any changes.

Code Zero was organized, helpful, and always responsive no matter what time. We would highly recommend them in order to make your yacht experience flawless.
Lizette Cabeza
This was my first charter and Joss helped me from start to finish, super fast communication and was always available with round the clock support which made this a first class experience for me. I was provided with a great variety of boats and we chartered a 50ft catamaran in the Exumas, Bahamas with a first class crew, the most fantastic food provided, great water sports - absolutely faultless!  I've booked my next trip with Code Zero Yachts in Greece and I can't recommend highly enough. Thank you Joss!
Clair Shaw
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