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Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean, which covers almost one-third of the planet’s surface, is considered a prominent luxury yacht vacation area for its fantastic scenery. Explore our perspective into the Pacific Ocean Yacht Charter Destinations that we know and love.


Stretching out from Cyprus in the West to Greece in the East, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the oldest markets for yacht charter. It has it all: history, a great variety of cultures, languages and stunning architecture from Medieval times to the modern-day.


The Caribbean is one of the most popular Yacht Charter Destinations in the world. It’s known for its beautiful waters, light winds and proximity to other great sailing locations. The region is home to hundreds of spectacular islands, which are often visited by luxury yachts.

Indian Ocean & SE Asia

The Indian Ocean and Asia Yacht Charter Destinations offer an extraordinary amount of diversity whether you choose to go for a longer or a short trip to relax in pristine clear waters. Discover the most stunning scenery and most fascinating cultures on the planet.

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