What should I bring on my yacht charter vacation?

When is the best time to travel?

Caribbean The Caribbean is known for its great weather therefore we enjoying sailing the Caribbean year round, the high season is from December to April, which usually brings the most favourable weather. After working in the Caribbean for many years my favourite saying about the weather in the Caribbean was that it is likely to be sunny with a slight chance of a short shower with winds blowing 15-20kts from the east for the next 365 days. This being said there is a hurricane season which officially runs between 1 June and 30 November. However the high-risk period is typically confined to a short period from mid-August to early October. There are many islands in the southern Caribbean that are rarely affected by hurricanes including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or Granada. Mediterranean The prime time to sail the Mediterranean is during the high season. The high season is from April to October. The climate is known for hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters. The rainy season is during the winter months. Pacific The most popular time to sail in the South Pacific is between the months of May to October which is considered the High Season. The South Pacific is known for its tropical climate with its incredible and diverse marine life, making the South Pacific a favourite stop for all our of snorkelling and scuba diving clients. The Pacific’s typhoon season runs between November and April.

Should I be concerned about hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones?

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