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Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
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Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
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Bali Catamarans


November 2021

Art Director

Hey Rob and Belinda,

We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful experience!

I honestly do not have the words to say what you two did for me personally. You were so kind to show me the ropes, let me get in the way and share some of your knowledge about sailing and the lifestyle that I couldn’t get anywhere else. My desire to sail has gotten a million times stronger thanks to the both of you.

On top of that, you made sure we still had a vacation of a lifetime! The food was absolutely amazing (even with all of our crazy dietary restrictions) and you two were always so willing to make sure we were at all the spots we wanted to be at.

All this while sharing bits of your South African culture with us. After a day or two I just felt like I was hanging out with two old friends.

Please keep us in mind once you visit the states. We would love to buy to two a drink and see how the charter life is treating you.

We wish you all the best. Maybe we will see you out on the sea sometime!

Fair winds and following seas!
James, Amanda, Gena, Megan and Jason

New Years 2021/2022

Art Director

Belinda and Rob,

THANK YOU for an amazing trip and the wonderful experiences.

We all had a blast and felt very blessed to have you be our hosts for the week. The food was amazing and the many stops between each meal were welcomed adventures. From jumping off Will T's, to meandering through the Baths, to New Years on Anegada...we all had a ball!! I can assure you this trip will be talked about for many, many years!

Thank you again for your hospitality and always offering to help make our trip 5 star! Enjoy the next charter and may your 2022 be blessed and prosperous!

Brooks, Whitney, Mimi, and the girls

PS We are praying you get to connect with your Australian bound kids this year!! Fingers crossed!

January 2022

Art Director

Lovely time with B & Rob. Our chaperons and second-parents on this journey. B is a Vegan Masterchef! and #1 for her vegan chocolate cake! I hope I see y'all again. Much love,
-Denver, CO

January 2022

Art Director

Rob & B made this vacation!! There were so nice and accommodating. B made the BEST food ever and Rob knew all the best snorkeling spots! Thank you guys for everything and I hope to see y'all again!

Broker provided review

Art Director

The crew were very friendly and helpful. The food was absolutely fabulous and far exceeded our expectations. Rob and Belinda went out of their way to make our charter one of the best vacations we have ever had. We would love to charter with them again. BVIs are fantastic.

July 2022

Art Director

It was a glorious trip. The weather was perfect, the Belle Vie was a lovely boat, and Rob and B were fantastic. Thanks for the great recommendation.

Holly & Jeff

February 2022

Art Director

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime, Rob. You and Belinda took such good care of us, it's hard settling back into our regular lives. Good luck with your new boat. We'll be back!

Captain Rob and Belinda-

As beautiful as the scenery was,

As fantastic as the food was,

Even though the beer was plentiful.

The rum punches and pina coladas were pretty good too.

The best part was the all the people on board the Belle Vie!

In the words of Jack Sparrow: “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”

Cheers to the next time!

Ditto from our family. Best vacation ever! Thank you.

May 2023

Art Director

Belinda & Rob,

We had the time of our lives! Best time ever for us as a couple. You and Rob made our stay a true life moment from beginning to end. Your wonderful personalities, extensive experience and knowledge of the seas and sailing were exactly what we were looking for. We would like the Mystic’s owners to know that they could not have placed their brand new boat and investment in more caring or capable hands!

We look forward to seeing you again next year same time with our family, kids & spouses.

Best regards,

Linda& Rich

December 2021

Art Director

Dear Belinda and Rob,
What a glorious time my family had sailing with you in the BVI’s! As we anticipate winter temps and probable frozen precip this evening, we are longing for Belle Vie, your hospitality and those warm, sunny islands!! I don’t think we can ever top the fun times and adventures we had with you. Thank you so much for giving all of us the trip of a lifetime. We had such fun!!!
Both of you were always right on hand to offer hospitality and adventures. Eliza, Brier and Lydia thought everything was amazing! What a fabulous array of delicious meals the “master chef” prepared. And the Captain was always spot on with a water toy or adventure. Indeed we were blessed to be on the Belle Vie with the two of you, who made our trip so memorable.
Thank you again so much. I hope 2022 finds you happily at sea enjoying your “empty nest” stage of life. Hope you get to see those Australian children of yours, too! Right now I wish you were close at hand to me with a rum punch!!! Do get in touch if you get to the States and near the Atlanta area. We’d love to connect again. God bless you in your travels.

January 2022

Art Director

Rob & B were the BEST! The Belle Vie was such a wonderful experience. Probably never going to eat this good again. Thank you Rob & B!

January 2022

Art Director

Rob & B,
Thank you!
This was such a special experience, I will greatly miss the islands as well as the both of you. B, your cooking is fantastic and you have a comforting presence. Rob, you remind me a lot of my dad, he is a virgo too!

January 2022

Art Director

Thank you for an amazing trip Rob & B! I couldn't have asked for a better crew. B's vegan boat is the BEST around.
-Elyse & Eden
Miami, FL

July 2022 - Broker provided review

Art Director

Rating of Yacht & Crew:
(5 Being the Highest) 5

Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The yacht was absolutely spotless and beautiful. We were left wanting for nothing more. Everything we needed for the perfect vacation was available and in great working condition.

Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes, we had no issues (as I have in the past!) with air conditioning or wind flow.

Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
The crew was spectacular. They provided the highest level of service possible. Everything, from the amazing food to the fantastic guidance on where to go and what to do, was perfect. I truly can't imagine a better crew to work with.
We left our trip feeling as if we've made life long friends.

Was the food good and well presented?
The food was fantastic. It was delicious and the variety was great. Belinda really worked to understand our likes and dislikes and adjusted every meal to fit our needs perfectly. Since arriving home we've been craving Belinda's food!!

Additional comments about the yacht and crew?
Rob was a fantastic captain. Not only did he work tirelessly to keep the yacht in perfect shape but he was also a great guide during the trip. He catered our itinerary around the needs of our entire group. Whether that was extreme amounts of snorkeling for some or extreme relaxation and bar hopping for others. We all got what we wanted out of our week long vacation of a lifetime!

Cruising Area
Did you like the area you chartered in?
The BVI's were incredible! I can't imagine a more beautiful location. However, I would recommend traveling directly into Tortola as opposed to St Thomas and ferrying to Tortola which adds layers of complexity and cost that weren't very fun.

New Years Flotilla

Art Director

Not one of our 20 members were disappointed with their trip.
It was our best trip to date, and we’ve been on a lot of other ones.
The itinerary was perfect and they catered to our every desire.
If we wanted to change plans mid trip they did their best to accommodate
us in every detail. We didn’t miss a thing!!! Plenty of play toys for the adults and children.
Snorkel gear was supplied for all, along with water boards and rafts and other toys.

I know everyone who has a good captain thinks
theirs is the best. I KNOW the captain on my boat
is the number one captain for a charter. In his
command we always felt safe and secure in his
knowledge and handling of our sailboat. Always he
greeted us with his warm smile and pleasant
disposition. He never seemed rushed or bothered
by all the needs of our family group of twenty. At
the end of the charter we felt like we were leaving
a dear friend. I cannot give him enough accolades!
He was easy to talk to, always trying to serve his
guests and accommodate them with any desire of
their hearts. Rob and his wife/chef Belinda are
such a pleasant couple. They truly compliment
each other and work well together. We were
beyond blessed to have them as our crew. They
made our trip enjoyable and pleasing. Rob never
got upset with our active, over the top family. He
continued to smile throughout our exploits. He
was helpful and quick to meet our needs. I could
go on and on about telling what a great captain he
is. You will not be disappointed if you are fortunate
enough to have him captain your sailboat!!! A Plus

Now Belinda is amazing! She will not disappoint
pleasing you with her delicious cuisine. Every
one meal was a delight. She is an exceptional chef and
her recipes will make you want to arrive at the
table on time. She caters to your every desire and
wants to please you. She is most pleasant and has
a warm personality. My only complaint is the four
pounds she put on me during our week stay. You
will love Belinda and she will leave you with
wonderful memories of the scrumptious food she
serves. A true delight in every way!!!

The boat was very clean and well maintained. It
was very comfortable and spacious with lots of
places to get away!

What more can I say!!! Food was first rate and
drinks were readily available. We even got to enjoy
a few new concoctions!!!

Best Vacation Ever!

Art Director

The crew – Rob and Belinda were excellent! The food – Belinda is a phenomenal chef, we all gained weight eating her wonderful meals. Belinda was the best chef in the entire tandem flotilla and was really amazing. The attention to detail she puts into everything she serves is incredible. We had three great meals and a nice snack every day. Rob is a very capable professional boat captain and sailor. We felt safe and secure at all times. He does everything 110% and is a really nice, personable guy. We created our own itinerary but it worked out well. We had two windy days that made for more difficult sailing but otherwise it was fine. Rob and Belinda rock!!



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