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Genesis II




Genesis II


15.00 m








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Summer Location
Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards
Winter Location
Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards
15.00 m
15.00 m
VOYAGE yacht
Max Speed
Sat TV
Yanmar Diesels 9kW Northern Lights Generator 9kW
Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only
Ken Fisher


An Incredible Week

Art Director

Hi Jane and Ken,

Hope all is well with you. I wanted to drop a note to thank you for an incredible week in the Caribbean. The roughest part of the trip started long before our arrival as we booked in December 2019! Then the pandemic. For the next 2+ years we didn't know what would come of our dream vacation. You were there to answer every call and email. Always "talking us off the ledge", putting our minds at rest by assuring us - we will sail,,, and sail we did!

Our time with you and Genesis was beyond amazing. Genesis is a fine, stable vessel with all the amenities and so much room to hangout and relax. Your abilities as captain and crew were only surpassed by your host and hostess talents. The places you took us were breathtaking. From sailing to snorkeling, beach walks, exploring the islands and living the local ways will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Say hi the Brian Adams for us, haha

Thank You so much and until our courses converge again, safe travels and take care,

Jim and Judy Wade
New Brunswick, Canada

The Best Vocation Ever

Art Director

We stayed on Ken & Jane’s lovely catamaran and they took us on an amazing tour of the Grenadines.

After the safety briefing and discussing our route we felt right at home straight away; Ken was extremely professional as captain and very patient with my husband who was eager to assist!

Ken and Jane were an excellent team, we thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s hospitality and never ceased to be amazed by what she could rustle up in her kitchen! The surprise mimosa on my birthday morning was lovely.

Their knowledge of the area was excellent, we found fabulous snorkelling sites and lovely restaurants too.

We had such fun and really enjoyed our time on Genesis.

Linda & David

Accommodating and Professional Crew!

Art Director

My husband and I have been in the hospitality business our entire lives and my husband is currently COO of Westchester Country Club outside of New York City. We both have worked for major hotels, catering and clubs throughout the United States, so we appreciate great hospitality when we receive it.

Many years ago, when our children were very young, my husband and I were invited to sail in the BVI’s with another family and thoroughly enjoyed our adult adventure. As our children got older, we made a commitment to spend time each year exploring new and exciting parts of the world. With two teenaged children, and a very busy schedule we treasure the time we can spend together. We made a decision to take our children sailing and would like to share what has turned out to be one of the best experiences we ever had.

We booked through a charter company for a January visit and were all ready when approximately two weeks before the trip, we received a phone call from the charter company informing us the Captain and First Mate were not going to be able to sail due to personal reasons. They assured us they had found a suitable replacement and all would be fine. They told us Ken Fisher and Jane Troop would be flying in to take over our charter. Little did we know what a blessing this would turn out to be!

Let me go on record saying we are not sailors. We are adventuresome, but wanted our Captain to explore and show us what the BVI’s had to offer. We had one commitment for New Year’s Eve, other than that, we were flexible.

Jane and Ken met us and immediately it was very clear that they were going to make this adventure special. Ken would sit with us and map out suggested routes daily, places to drop anchor and snorkel, swim, islands to visit and trails to take! He knew the islands so well, and not just the “popular” destinations. We really felt as though we got to know the BVI’s like locals.

Jane was an expert in the galley! She had the freshest of fruits and vegetables, was creative with every menu, very cognizant of dietary restrictions and our likes and dislikes! The food was unbelievable, and plentiful!

Most importantly to us, was the friendship we felt sailing with Jane and Ken. They were aware of giving us our privacy and space, but very quickly we felt as though we were sailing with family. Ken was willing to teach us as much or as little as we wanted about sailing and the islands. They were so much fun to be around that we just couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating and professional crew!

It is our hope to again have an opportunity to take another adventure sailing, and without question, we will be reaching out to make sure Ken and Jane are available! They are the perfect combination in this business, professional, creative, hospitable, and a pleasure and joy to sail with! They are an asset to the business and have our highest recommendation.

Cheers and Happy Sailing!

Sailing with the best Captain

Art Director

Ken’s skill as a captain is top notch. We always felt safe, and enjoyed the fact that we sailed everyday, both sails out, clipping along at very high knots! It was so exciting and exhilarating! It was also fun to learn a bit about sailing, and be able to assist with some of the jobs!

The vessel itself was very clean, and as expected. There were no surprises. The cabins were clean and comfortable, really nice quality’s sheets and towels, and we slept very well. Loved the electric flush toilets!

Thank you again. Lisa & Benoit

A very special holiday

Art Director

Ken proved to be very capable sailor and leader on the boat. He was very comfortable and familiar with the boat, and handled it well. He was very familiar with the area, clearly very experienced, and was known at many of the moorings. He had a good eye for weather and sea conditions, and he took safety very seriously, being sure, for example, to give us all a good orientation on sea safety and safe operation of the boat, and then being sure to remind us of procedures each time we did something. His most memorable trait was his calm demeanour and quiet and friendly authority. I’d be happy to sail with him again anywhere.

Jane was a well-organized and energetic hostess and mate. The boat was well provisioned with everything we needed, and meals were always a high point of each day. Marvellous meals, with stories and laughter! She was a good cook, and was comfortable preparing dishes from a wide range of tastes and areas. Local foods, such as locally caught fish, were a highlight. She was very familiar with the area, and had excellent suggestions about where to go, and of what to do at each spot we visited.

I look forward to sailing with Ken and Jane again!


Three Years Later

Art Director

We called our trip Three Years Later because we booked in 2019, and due to COVID, we had to postpone our trip till spring 2022. We picked Genesis 2 because of how beautiful the boat looked and the BIO of Captain Ken and Chef Jane, and they are fellow Canadians.
Our original trip was to be in the British Virgin Islands, but we ended up going to the Grenadines in the end due to some unrest in the BVI's. This trip was one to take off our bucket lists, and we were not disappointed. The Catamaran was spotless and welcoming. The food was great, and so were the wines and drinks. They helped arrange a private tour of ST. Vincent on our first day, which was a true adventure.
We enjoyed the islands we visited, and Captain Ken and Jane gave us different ideas of where to go and what to see. Ken reached out to a local bar owner, and he opened the bar for us; we were the only patrons it was a treat to have the place to ourselves. That same night we booked our lunch at another restaurant for the next day and ordered from the menu. The next day we arrived at a beautiful restaurant on the beach; it was breathtaking.
The water was excellent, and the snorkeling with the turtles was even better. The boat was big enough. It was not an issue if you needed some quiet time since we were a group of eight.
We had a wonderful time and look forward to going out again with Ken and Jane.


Amazing Holiday

Art Director

We wanted to thank you for your amazing hospitality while on your vessel the Genesis II.
The week was full of adventure, sailing on the vast ocean and the anchoring at different islands.. we sure learned a lot about the picture perfect Grenadines.. snorkelling is a must!!
The food and drinks served on board were delightful, including the snacks! Jane you truly used your magic in the kitchen.. with 8 of us on board..
For those people thinking about this adventure, Book it, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you again,
Joanne Oliver

An Amazing Vacation

Art Director

We would like to thank you & Ken for the amazing vacation we spent with you on your vessel. I want to especially comment on a few important things:

1. Ken’s skill as a captain is top notch. We always felt safe, and enjoyed the fact that we sailed everyday, both sails out, clipping along at very high knots! It was so exciting and exhilarating! It was also fun to learn a bit about sailing, and be able to assist with some of the jobs! And on top of all that, Ken always had a nice fresh pot of hot coffee ready for us upon waking up each morning!

2. Jane, as a hostess you are so welcoming and gracious. We felt at home right away. And now let’s talk about the food. WOW, you prepared and cooked such beautiful fresh, creative food. Delicious snacks, breakfasts, lunches, suppers & desserts, with so much variety and tastiness… and to be serving 8 people all together all the time and keeping us all happy – that is a real challenge and you aced it. Not to mention the wine and beer and other yummy cocktails were flowing and top notch as well. Let’s say the guests were never thirsty.

3. The vessel itself was very clean, and as expected. There were no surprises. The cabins were clean and comfortable, really nice quality sheets and towels, and we slept very well. Loved the electric flush toilets!

We would be more than willing to refer you to any friends or family looking to charter a crewed Catamaran vacation!

Thank you again.

Time well spent In the Grenadines with an amazing Crew

Art Director

Ken is a very able Captain and knows the waters extremely well. We never felt at any risk at sea. The route was timed perfectly to allow for ample sailing time in the beautiful Caribbean waters, plus plenty of down time at moorings in various ports; some quiet and remote, and others that offered a little more action. On board, Jane was our gracious hostess, and chief cook and bottle washer. Breakfasts, lunches, cocktail hours, and dinners, were handled casually and expertly.

Our group had some reservations at first about being in such tight quarters on a boat for a week, but Ken and Jane were easy to hang with, and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. We enjoyed our social time with them, and felt confident in their knowledge of the area, and their expertise on the water.

Best regards,

Our most memorable vacation

Art Director

Dear Ken & Jane,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what ranks as one of our most memorable vacations. It was our second trip sailing with you on a 50’ catamaran and this 2020 March trip was even better than our first sail with you!

You both made us feel right at home on board the Genesis II – the cabins and common areas were well appointed and spotless – the décor and amenities on board were perfect – we loved the paddleboards, snorkeling gear and the comfy beanbag chairs sure came in handy for lounging and stargazing.

Captain Ken is undoubtedly an accomplished sailor and we felt completely at ease with him at the helm – he loves sailing and is always on top of safety and comfort for his passengers & crew. And it was fun to learn the ropes about sailing with him - Captain Ken has sparked my own interest in taking up sailing too!

You guys planned a super itinerary and took us to some really cool places for day trips, hiking, shopping & dining – it was the best mix of on board and on shore time. Ken always found the best moorings and the best beaches for us.

The provisioning was well planned out and there was a good variety of healthy, fresh choices for all meals. We loved the big breakfasts, shore lunches and happy hour with delicious appetizers. The dinners you prepared on board met our every expectation.

Although this was only our second voyage with you, it seems to just keep getting better. Vicki and I can’t wait for our next trip with you as soon as we are done with this darn pandemic!

Take care and thank you for making our holiday stand out as one of our best vacations EVER! We look forward to sailing with you again, as soon as possible!


Jeff & Vicki



Genesis II




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