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Rebecca Wu


What A Week!

Art Director

What a Week! Adequate words do not exist - but I'll attempt - quite simply, it was perfect. Every aspect showcased your attention to detail to ensure we had the absolute best week ever. Don't know of a way to improve our trip. You guys are fantastic and it genuinely felt like you were opening up your home to us. All seven of us are eternally grateful!

Will Definitely Be Back!

Art Director

Thank you Rebecca and Heiko. This week was so much fun and the food and drinks exceeded expectations! The time flew by. You guys did a wonderful job keeping me and my family entertained and comfortable. Definitely would like to come back.

6 Star Rating!

Art Director

If 6-star rating was a thing, that's what I'd rate this place. Everything here exceeded my expectations greatly. The food, the service and really just the personality of our crew. I hope to come back soon

A Lifetime Trip!

Art Director

We came on this trip with a plan and itinerary that differed from what we originally scheduled. Dut to Covid we had to push our trip back one year, travel to the USVI instead of the BVI's, and moved to a new charter company and crew.

Despite that, or maybe because of all that our trip was wonderful. The high winds made for some changes, but you both remained steadfast in providing signature service with quality, smiles and fun stories. We felt comfortable sleeping in, relaxing being silly and simple spending time together as a family - thank you for removing the stress of planning and having to think ahead - you allowed us to focus on the fund of just being together.

We head home tomorrow with a little bit of sunburn and far more stories to tell of our once (maybe twice) in a lifetime trip! We hope to be calling you again for a trip to the BVI's

Such A Fantastic Experience!

Art Director

From the moment we stepped onboard we felt as if we have been friends forever. The trip with you guys has been unforgettable. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your eagerness to exceed expectations.

We realize we had a lot of requests and you guys certainly went out of your way to accommodate them.

Thanks for making this such a fantastic experience for our family.

A Holiday We will Always Treasure!

Art Director

To all who have booked or looking at booking a charter, you are in for an experience you won't ever forget.

We have traveled all over the world and on all different modes of transport but this was our first sailing charter experience and the attention to detail, the service - anything we asked for or desired - and the pure enjoyment of spending a week with Rebecca and Heiko was equal to and on par with anywhere else in the world - who could ask for anything more!

Every aspect was 5 star - the incredible meals, the sight-seeing and sailing/diving were incredible and made the trip. We even tried to stay on for another week but they already had another charter booked and so we had to leave :(

Nobody has ever "pulled" or "pushed" us to the snorkeling site like Heiko does (ask him, it's sort of like an underwater taxi) and Rebecca would literally hold our hands and take us down for our dives.

Particularly bitter sweet was our celebration of 6 months cancer free and recovery - so there effort was simply the icing on the cake.

Thank you for everything you do in planning, executing and sharing a very special week of "holiday" that we will always cherish.

Very Special Trip!

Art Director

This was a very, very special trip for us in so many ways and we feel so blessed to have landed this boat with the two of you for our short, very last minute charter.

Being on no some sailing trips prior, we had no clue what to expect but our experience was above all expectations because of you both.

Most of all, Sean and I truly appreciate the knowledge and stories you've shared with us about your travels, diving and freediving. You both are truly INSPIRING to us - the way you live fearlessly to follow your dreams and do what you love - it is OUR dream to do the same.

Rebecca, your food was AMAZING and Heiko - the sailing experience for Sean was so memorable. We appreciate all the hospitality and most of all, conversations throughout our stay. To top it all - we had some amazing snorkeling trips that definitely hit the top of your list.

Thank you for making this trip so special for us! We are so excited to have the unique, isolated experience before our family expands and we hope to venture with you again one day soon - and follow as you continue to make your own dreams come true.

Thank you, thank you for everything!!

Was Perfect!

Art Director

This was our first charter for our small family. Some of our favourite places and memories are from Maho, Salt Pond and Little Lamshur.

It was perfect for our journey in many ways

#1 Rebecca and Heiko. The food was excellent - thank you Rebecca! Heiko always kept us safe
and we learned a lot from both of them

#2 The boat was nicely appointed and clean and was the perfect for our journey.

If we were able to do it again we would love to charter with Rebecca and Heiko.
Thank you so much for everything and the map of our journey.

Beyond Perfection!

Art Director

Thank you for the most memorable vacation ever. Everything was beyond perfection.
We've had more fun and had more first time experiences than we could've ever imagined. Everyday we sailed to a new place. We were able to see so many reefs and identify sea life.
Heiko took us to beautiful snorkeling spots and was patient, proactive and full of information for us.
Heiko taught us how to free dive, sail, how to paddle board and even how to do origami with napkins!
Rebecca! OMG! She is so observant, insightful, positive and a joy! Each meal was prepared with full attention given to each of us individually. She was able to predict the foods our kids would and wouldn't eat and adjusted her menu accordingly.
In short......
Rebecca and Heiko,
This past week has been such a blessing and there are no words that can capture how much we appreciate all you've done for us.

Most Gracious Hosts

Art Director

this last week was the most relaxing vacation we all have ever had. Heiko and Rebecca were the most gracious hosts. They anticipated our every need and each individual's need from cooking eggs just right for Alison to providing a noodle for Larry when he snorkeled.
We thoroughly enjoyed all of our meals and the extra touches that Rebecca added to her meals. They had a wealth of knowledge about sailing, scuba diving, the islands and all of the fish in the area.

it is amazing how hard they work, they literally never sit down yet always have a smile on their face and stop what they are doing to help us.

They made reservations at a top restaurant for us to have dinner at one evening and arranged transportation to the boat and to the airport. We all agree this trip exceeded our expectations and would do it all over again with Rebecca and Heiko.

I forgot to mention how Heiko worked so hard at getting a projector and screen to work so we could watch the UGA vs Alabama football game. Also, Rebecca bought a birthday cake and champagne to celebrate 2 birthdays.

Thank you Rebecca and Heiko for everything. We hope we get to sail with you again in the near future!

An Amazing Trip

Art Director

Thank you Rebecca and Heiko for a great trip.
the food was delicious and sailing was fun. I loved the scuba diving, especially the crab and the lobster next to each other. the snorkeling was amazing and great o see the eagle rays.
the water slide was was so much fun too.
Thank you for an amazing trip.

Time, Energy and Kindness You Put Into the Week

Art Director

Thank you Heiko and Rebecca for such an amazing trip! the fun surprises along the way really showed y'alls personality and fun spirit on the trip.... like the slide and jungle speed :)

Thank you for the time, energy, and kindness you put into this week. Every dive/snorkel was more incredible than the last! From the 2 giant lobsters to the 3 incredible spotted eagle ray - we really lucked out on the incredible wildlife we saw.

Thank you for the screen so we could watch the Dawgs!

My favorite part was diving, snorkeling and definitely sailing. Learning about your stories, the open waters and many different caribbean fun facts was so cool.

Thank you for an awesome week - I am so sad it is over.
I bet you are glad we did not kidnap you - HaHa

This Is Top Of The List!

Art Director

We have been on may different types of travels and this was definitely on the top of our list!

The boat is beautiful. The food was amazing! The activities were awesome. And the service was perfect.

You both made the trip over the top. It was so nice getting to know you both. Thank you for your attention to detail and we wish you all the best.

Such Great Company

Art Director

Thank you so much for making this trip such a wonderful time. You both have been such great company with your sweet and helpful personalities. Everything was so well planned and with your special touches I can honestly say it has been one of the best trips I have had.


Art Director

Where do we even begin! There aren't words to say how spectacular our week with y'all was!
3 of our 8 have all chartered before and the two of you WAY surpass anything we've experienced.

There has never been a vacay with better food. No idea how on earth you two do it all on a boat but we enjoyed every bite.

Thank you for dealing with our pickiness and having so many alternatives!
Most importantly, thanks for humoring all of out crazy theme nights, insane vodka antics and ALL the crazy humour.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Art Director

Thank you so so much for the amazing hospitality.

Rebecca your cooking is amazing and Heiko you guided snorkeling and knowledge of the ocean is so impressive. I felt 100% safe swimming with you as our guide. This was our first boat experience and now that's all we want to do - lol

Absolutely enjoyed every bit of this trip from the small details to the overall excursion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you for the great memories!

Art Director

Too many painkillers!
Seriously so much fun!!
We had such a great time wit you!
Fun time with all the ladies. Food was incredible everyday and I looked forward to every meal.
Thank you for the memories

A trip to remember!

Art Director

What a trip of fun and leisure you provide for your guests!
Everything was just amazing!
The hospitality and meals were over the top. We loved all the gourmet meals and attention to detail.
Heikos Painkillers were so good!
It was so nice spending the week with you both and I hope our paths cross again someday soon!

Best vacation ever!

Art Director

You both know how to make each person feel special. You are both such great hosts for giving us everything from info and tips to fabulous food and drinks!
Thank you for letting me relax, recharge & remember to slow down and watch for turtles!


Art Director

Thank you for such an amazing and outstanding week!
As we journey through life there are times you are blessed with the gift od meeting extraordinary people. You both are extraordinary people who are loving, full of kindness, sense of adventure that is influential on others. You work so hard to bring joy to others and have always done so with a Gand smile. Our journey with you has been perfect!

You have gone so above and beyond for me as a vegan!
I am filled with gratitude.

Phenomenal Week!

Art Director

Thank you for such a phenomenal week!
As we were sitting around the table eating yet another excellent meal for our last night with you, I couldn't help but think to myself how there is not a single thing I would change about our fantastic week with both of you. Thank you so much for all your hard work and going above and beyond for us. We wish you the best!

Absolutely Stunning!

Art Director

Thank you so much for our week in paradise! The boat, views and hospitality were all absolutely stunning. Although we had been to the USVI before, this felt like a completely new and wondrous experience.
The meals were outstanding. Thank you for paying such attention to my wife's needs. We appreciate that so much. While it was your "job" to keep up after us, all I do is want to say thank you for it anyways It takes a lot of patience and you handled us all with grace.
Thank you for keeping us safe and sound on our voyage. We appreciated every bit of information you shared with us. You've inspired our friend to learn to sail!


Art Director

From day one it has been one incredible adventure for the crew!
All 5 of us have a hard time slowing down and just appreciate our surroundings. You made it possible for us to do that. It was our last spring break as a family of 5 and it was a memorable one to say the least. All of the cool adventures, laughs, cries of joy and amazing meals!
You made this trip more incredible than we ever could have imagined!
We hope our paths cross again!

Everything was perfect!

Art Director

From the sea bass to the jello shots and hanging with a dolphin, there is nothing to complain about. I also got to see a shark while snorkeling! Ya'll are amazing at your jobs and I'm glad I got to meet you both.


Art Director

Unbelievable is hardly the right word to describe this trip. In fact, I'm not sure there is a word in the English language to describe this trip. I'm hardly the worlds best diver, but every snorkel and free dive was absolutely stunning. Not to mention the swim throughs we did in the caves of coral!
R.C. and his band that played aboard was amazing fun too along with the dolphin swim up from our dolphin friend Randy, Everything from the views, to the food, too the time we spent sailing between islands. was absolutely incredible.

My dearest thanks to CeCe and Stephen for making this a trip I will never forget.

What a fabulous vacation!

Art Director

The attention to detail was impressive. Placemat changes; shampoo and conditioner bottle placement; bed making perfection; everything was thought of!
Our our hosts were incredibly generous with amazing food and fabulous wines.

So Very Special!

Art Director

5 Star Service from the start to the finish. Every need was anticipated. No request was unmet. You gave us some of the best memories of our life and many of those memories included the two of you. We can't wait to come back and see you again.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Your attention to detail and your sincere commitment to the happiness of your guests are what made this experience so very special.

We Don't Want To Leave!

Art Director

What a fabulous week! Glorious weather, scrumptious food, nice flow of beverages and fellowship. Superb service with attention to detail. We don't want to leave!!!

Thanks for providing such a special time in our lives... one we will never forget and will talk about for years to come.

The Perfect Antidote!

Art Director

Thank you Rebecca and Heiko. This past week has been perfect antidote for our journey over the last year! You spoiled us with the cuisine and all around. We will have fond memories of the sailing and snorkeling together for a lifetime. We really appreciated the kind hospitality, our escape to nature. Please look us up when your visit NYC.

You Were Perfect For Us!

Art Director

Not sure that words on a page will adequately describe how we feel about our charter. After a long year of cancelled travels - this was a great start to a new year. We weren't sure what to expect, especially bringing Drew (9) and Blake (5) along. You were perfect for us and made the whole week so comfortable.

We appreciate your attention to detail - so we didn't have to :). The kids are super thankful you anchored where the Easter Bunny could safely (and quietly) find us. You even left a light on for him!! You made my 41st birthday unforgettable with the snorkelling, the food and the scratch-made cake!

We knew this would be an adventure with the kids but are truly thankful that you two made their experiences feel as important as ours. You fed us so well and taught all of us so much.

The dinghy rides, beach time, hikes, snorkeling... it was all awesome! We swam with turtles, rays (even an eagle ray)! We had tarpon and barracuda sightings to accompany the colorful coral and fish! Each and every meal was thoughtfully made and the drinks were delicious! We cant wait to return and see more of what the USVI (and maybe the BVI's) has to offer. We may leave the kids at home next time but I'm sure they would disagree :).

Stay in touch - we plan to follow your adventures and see you again when we can!

Oh The Wondrous Sights We Have Seen

Art Director

Oh the wondrous sights we have seen. Heiko and Rebecca so much gratitude for your care and attention.
Rebecca, a HUGE thanks for getting Steve to complete 3 successful dives!

Heiko, sun shade up then sun shade down, and drink please! You were amazing. You're a wealth of knowledge and ingenuity.

The world is a better place with you two in it. You have made a lasting impression on us!

Snorkel Experience Was The Best Ever!

Art Director

Many thanks for a wonderful trip. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to take us off the beaten path and explore new places around these precious islands.

We especially loved the sail around the eastern tip of St. John into the wind at 20 kts with high seas. What a wonderful experience.

The snorkel outings were the best we've ever experienced.

Rebecca, the food and the meals you prepared were amazing! Thank you so much for the thought and prep you put into each meal.... it was a wonderful highlight of our trip.

Outstanding Food, Generosity and Hospitality.

Art Director

Thank you for such a wonderful charter. Your food, generosity and hospitality were outstanding. We loved each special and unique spots we visited. the beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots were unforgettable. We did not expect to see turtles, swim with millions of fish and get close to nurse sharks and tarpon!

It was very special for us to sit down three times a day for incredible meals and to enjoy our time together as a family. We haven't eaten this healthy-ever! We loved every bit.

Perhaps what was most special was hearing about Rebecca and Heiko's lives. They reminded us that life presents so many unique opportunities and endless possibilities to live your dream.

A beautiful boat and we are grateful for our time sailing and with our two captains.

We wish safe and happy sailing for Heiko and Rebecca.

Most Memorable Experience!

Art Director

Our family can' thank you enough for the wonderful week on the 3 Sisters with you. We are in complete agreement that this has been one of the most memorable experiences we have had. The diversity of the trip consisted of scuba, snorkeling, hiking, paddle boarding and sailing, to name a few. You've exceeded all of our expectations.

On top of the amazing hospitality the cuisine was beyond amazing. Every meal was unique and fantastic. the ambience of each meal made each day special and very pleasant. Every meal was made to perfection.

Rebecca and Heiko treated us as family the minute we arrived. Their professionalism and dedication showed throughout the entire experience.

We were beyond pleased with the cleanliness and the upkeep of the yacht which was very comfortable for our family.

We look forward to the opportunity to sail with Rebecca and Heiko in the near future.

10/10 Hosts

Art Director

We have never stayed overnight on a small boat like this before, and I must say, it was such a great experience! The boat was kept in a neat and clean fashion at all times.
The food and drinks were expertly done, and presented in surprising and thoughtful ways.
The sights and experiences were top notch - we really enjoyed the snorkeling and scuba diving!

You were both 10/10 hosts.... I don't know how you did all that work!!
Thank you for all you did, for being great with our kids and for making our vacation so special. Connecting with nature and with each other as a family this Thanksgiving is something we will never forget!

A Christmas to Remember

Art Director

A Christmas to remember. It has always been my father's dream to charter a saill-boat with his family and finally at 80 years of age his dream came true. We all had a magical trip. to see my parents so happy is the most incredible gift you could have given us.

We all will have these memories for the rest of our lives.

Thanks to Rebecca and Heiko for going the extra miles on this charter, the way you both made us so comfortable, the amazing meals, hospitality and kindness, we are filled with joy and are forever grateful.

Thank you for everything.

Changed Our Lives and We Are Forever Grateful!

Art Director

Each of us have 365 days in a year to spend out time however and with whoever we want. Spending the last few days of 2021 and the first few of 2022 with you are days we will always remember.
I could write all about the sharks, eagle rays, waterslide, scuba-diving, snorkeling and food, but none of that holds a candle to the moments you created this week we enjoyed together.

Having 4 children, a mom and husband together on our trip enjoying every moment doesn't just happen. The hours of planning, training and sharing your experience changed the lives of 7 people and we are forever grateful. Hopefully our paths will cross again - if not - it's important to me that you know what an impact you made on our lives!

Incredible Week

Art Director

I can't thank you enough for this incredible week!
We had such an amazing time. You two really made the trip, you were both so accommodating and hospitable. the food was incredible, like the best ever! The attention to detail was superb and it was so great that you could cater the trip to our personal preferences. We loved the snorkeling and the hikes and the dives. You were both fantastic! Even the music was awesome. Thank you so much.

Can't Wait For The Next Trip.

Art Director

Thank you both so much for an amazing week. The food was excellent! We hav enjoyed our week with you both. Such an amazing rime. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done this week.

The dolphins were awesome!
You were so professional and kind.
Very happy with our trip and can't wait for the next one. Thank you both so much.

Wow! What Can We Say!

Art Director

Wow! What can we say! This seven day charter was truly amazing. The attention to detail for every meal and activity was incredible. Taking a boat with a group of crazy people is a daunting task and much more than our back flips, you both nailed it.

The table was always gorgeous and the food out of this world! Thank you for three wonderful dives. Both of you are so attentive to every need on this boat. Before we ever needed to ask for something you both were already there.

Your easy going attitude encourages relaxation. Besides that you never faltered getting our ridiculous humor and antics.

We wish you both the very best and hope our paths can cross again soon.
This was a trip none of us will ever forget!
Thank you for the food (amazing), the fun and the fabulous accommodations (cleaned cabins everyday)

A Fabulous Trip

Art Director

Wow! What a fabulous trip
All the fund stuff for us to do in the rain ;) From Jungle Speed to Disco Balls, to Cards!!
Rebecca, your meals were spectacular.

I will most remember you teaching us to scuba! I'm hooked now!

I hope our paths cross soon!


Art Director

Everything about this vacation was simply WOW!
Everything you two did was above AND BEYOND our expectations.
Snorkeling, hiking, food and cocktails were all AMAZING!
Thank you both so much for creating such wonderful memories! Thank you Rebecca for the gourmet meals- each one better than the last!
Thank you Heiko this non swimmer didn't drown and keeping us safe.
Wish you all the best and hoping our paths cross again soon

Amazing Adventure!

Art Director

You two made our trip such a memorable and amazing adventure!
Thanks for all the memories from the AMAZING food , tasty drinks, extremely fun water adventures and the FIRST CLASS Service!
All served with a genuine smile!
I will always remember our magical week on Felix!

We were so spoiled!

Art Director

Thank you for the amazing time on Felix!
You went above &BEYOND to make our birthday trip so special!
The food was so fresh, clean and delicious! You guys spoiled us. We loved every minute!

Way beyond my expectations!

Art Director

Thank you for the memorable week. We were treated so well. I almost felt guilty at times, it was way beyond my expectations. The food was delicious. I love your style of cooking!
Presentation was amazing and the meals were 5 star!

Thanks for making us always feel safe! You kept us entertained. Loved how you were always ready and willing to do whatever we wanted!

You both work so well together, very professional and inviting. All week you mad us feel like friends and not clients.
Thank you!

What an incredible week!

Art Director

Our family was in desperate need of some down time, together time and island time. You provided the time in perfection! From the food.. )we were all apart of the clean plate club for 7 days!) to the snorkel and scuba, every detail was thoughtful and deliberate. We will never forget the turtles, eagle rays and amazing underwater adventures.
The subbing was so fun!!

We are forever grateful and will be back soon!

We felt like such honored guests!

Art Director

Thank you so much for a wonderful week aboard Felix!
You treat the vessel as your home and we felt like honored guests.
The SCUBA and snorkeling sites offered immeasurable firsts for all of us. Lobsters, a schools of beautiful fish and many sea turtles. I really enjoyed the pristine areas of sea fans, sponges and corals.
The afternoon cocktails and appetizers allowed all to relax and swap stories of the day.
All wonderful stepping stones to making memories.
Thank you for your work to make us comfortable and welcome!

Amazing Week!

Art Director

Thank you for such an amazing week aboard Felix. Likely 100 turtles and each time was like the first. And DOLPHINS?!? It was the most amazing time in the most beautiful places. I have never been so relaxed in my life so thank you both for making that possible. I have had some pretty great drone shots but not from paradise! Cake to celebrate my birthday was on point! Thank you for the hike to the temple of doom. We truly had an amazing time.

Thank you for helping us slow down!

Art Director

You both created an environment in which all of us could kick back and enjoy out time. From amazing adventure, talking, meals, beautiful waters and an amazing boat. It was a true experience that you could take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of your day.
Thank you for helping us slow down on our stay on Felix.
Each day it was easy to wake up knowing you had a great breakfast and an eventful day!
Which also makes it even harder to leave knowing you have to go back home to cold weather and work. Wish we could stay longer but all good things must come to an end. Would recommend this trip to anyone!

Wonderful adventure with our family!

Art Director

Such a wonderful adventure with our family! Truly, each day was better than the last. Grateful for all of the beautiful places that Cpt. Stephen sailed us to, they somehow felt chosen just for us.
The crown jewel of this trip though was the gourmet food that was so exquisitely prepared by CiCi- not sure how we will get along without her.

We will never forget this trip!!

Art Director

Heiko & Rebecca,
Thank you! You provided new memories for all of us that we will never forget. Every snorkel trip provided even more underwater treasures. The food tailored to my family was "lights out" fantastic!! The snacks-dream for all of my active people.
Thank you for sharing your home with us. Everything was so personalized and special. We cannot say thank you enough from our family to yours.
You two make an amazing team and work so hard to provide a fantastic experience for us!
We will never forget this trip.

Attention to detail is second to none!

Art Director

We had a wonderful time this week and you both played a role in the experience. The information you shared along the journey added a special touch. All of the food was amazing!!
Your thoughtfulness and attention is second to none!







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