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Summer Location
Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Winter Location
Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
62.00 Ft
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Max Speed
Sat TV
2 x Volvo Penta 150 HP
16 knts
Alex Mulder


February 2016

Art Director

Mac and I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you again for a fabulous week touring the BVIs with you and your awesome crew. It was the vacation of a lifetime and one we will always treasure. I am a veteran cruiser and was very apprehensive about a catamaran trip, but it was PERFECTION! Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the adventure and that we are looking forward to going again sooner than later.

Captain Alex, you made everyone feel at home from the moment we stepped onboard. Your knowledge and expertise in your job was apparent in every aspect of our trip. Your gentle smile put each one of us at ease and made sure that we were having fun. Your ability to share information, both fun and historical, made island hopping so much fun. It was fascinating that we always found a front row spot, no matter where we went. You made certain that we were comfortable and were entertained, both on and off the boat. You encouraged us to stretch our comfort levels and enjoy the amenities and that was a stretch for me. I will never forget being pulled at slow speed (your words) round and round the cove and later flying up in the sky on the rope swing. Wow! So much fun! And, you make a mean painkiller!

Carla, you are an amazing talent! Not only are you lovely, but you are extraordinary in the galley. Our meals and wine choices were delicious and the food presentation was incredible. Your attention to every detail - whether it was our food allergies or just our own personal preferences was so appreciated. You made each meal and cocktail hour- an event that we looked forward to each day. You know how much we loved your cookies and your willingness to share your scrumptious recipes was so kind.

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing you again. Until then..

With love,
Susan and Mac

April, 2015

Art Director

Thanks for your help in setting up this trip. I really cant recommend Alex & Carla enough. Here is a brief review:
Our family, including 2 grandparents and 2 grandchildren ages 7 and 9, enjoyed a week with this great crew in April 2015. If you are considering booking, dont hesitate. The yacht, the crew, the dining, and the itinerary were all top notch.

Alex and Carla are an outstanding crew. They catered to our every need, and they can be very interactive or they can give you more privacy depending on the style of service you prefer. They designed the perfect itinerary based on what we wanted to experience in the BVI. Alex is an experienced sailor, and he knows just about everything there is to know about every island in the BVI. Hes great with kids, and he helped us play a hilarious April Fools day prank on our boys. Alex also makes the best Pina Coladas ever, so dont miss out on that.
Carla is an amazing chef, and she really went above and beyond catering to a group containing several picky eaters. My parents are gluten free and dairy free, and my children extremely picky about what they eat. To make things more complicated, my wife and I are adventuresome eaters. Somehow Carla managed to make everyone happy, which would normally require going to 3 different restaurants. And the meals were exceptional including artistic presentation and delicious deserts. Carla also made awesome snacks, which were perfect after a swim, snorkel, hike, or paddle.
Highly recommended to anyone looking for a cruise in the BVI or anywhere else Alex and Carla will take you.

July 2014

Art Director

We had such a terrific time. They are amazing hosts. Carla is a fantastic cook and really went out of her way to make certain she was cooking food we all would enjoy. Alex is a great host and certainly knew when to hit each spot when the crowds were about to disperse. He really knows his stuff!
We can't say enough about the quality of the trip and the attention to detail. We have so many wonderful memories and photos too. I think Alex is going to use some of the shots for their facebook page. Our kids caught two big fish one day and we managed to capture the haul on camera!! That shot alone is enough to entice any family with young children.
We'd love to do another trip with them on the Avalon.

Warmly (and with sun tan lines galore)-
The LePoidevin Family

February 2018

Art Director

We had a fabulous vacation aboard Bagheera. Our entire family of 8 agreed it was our best vacation ever! We loved the casualness of just getting up in the morning, putting on our swimsuits, or bathrobes, having breakfast and starting the day. Carla, Alex and Angus were tremendously accommodating and great hosts. We never wanted for anything. We did a good amount of sailing, which we all loved. Many times we would sit up top while Alex was driving and he would tell us the history about the areas we were passing. He was so knowledgeable. We left the itinerary in Alex’s hands, and we could not have been more pleased with all of the beautiful areas he took us to. Beautiful private beaches, great snorkeling, Fun bars, etc. It could not have been better.

We actually had a hard time leaving the Bagheera each time as it was so comfortable and indeed a home away from home. Carla made sure our beds were made, bathrooms cleaned, as well as serving 3 delicious meals a day with snacks! We really don’t know how she did it. Angus the first mate was a delight! He was so impressive for a 19 year old! We loved hearing his stories. He actually joined us on some of our snorkeling adventures. We wanted to take him home with us. Our vacation aboard the Bagheera not only met our expectations, it far exceeded them. Thank you for your help in coordinating this trip! We couldn’t be happier!

December 2018

Art Director

Alex, Carla and Georgia,
You guys are the absolute best!! We had an amazing time with you. Everything was unforgettable. Hope o see soon on another trip!!

Ivan & Jen
Las Vegas

January 2019

Art Director


Upon arrival the boat was clean: Yes
The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes
The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes
Upon arrival the boat was immaculate: Yes
Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes
Comments-was the boat comfortable: Yes

Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes
Was the equipment in good condition? Yes
Any toys particularly enjoyed: The paddle boards were great.

.The captain was outgoing: Yes
The captain was professional: Yes
The captain was friendly: Yes
Did you feel free to choose each day's activities? Yes

Please describe the meals: Simply amazing. This was our 9th charter and the food on Bagheera was the best we have had. Truly exceptional.
Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes
Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes
The cook was outgoing: Yes
The cook was professional: Yes
The cook was friendly: Yes
The cook was eager to please: Yes

November 2019

Art Director

Dear Alex, Carla and Molly
Thank you get again for one of the fun nests trips ever ! This is now our 4th trip and it never gets old ! We had an incredible time ! It was an amazing Thanksgiving! Thanks to you guys !
Hope to see you all soon !

February 2020

Art Director

Alex , Carla and Molly
Thank you for a truly amazing week.Surpassed all expectations. Appreciate all your hard work how you made this journey so unbelievable ! Trip of a lifetime !
May you always find favorable winds in your life !
J. Gray

February 2021

Art Director

Thank you for a wonderful memorable time! You all took such good care of us. The food and hospitality were amazing … your itinerary was just right for the 6 of us. It's easy to recommend Bagheera and we look forward to sailing, eating, drinking, snorkeling, swimming, bobbing about, beach walking , touring, fishing with you all again.
Brothers, Chalmers
(Rachael, Austin , Ben , Betsy , Caroline ) Florida

Unforgettable Memories

Art Director

We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful experience. It has been definitely the highlight of the past few years for the Lodokia Family ! The trip with you has been an unforgettable memory for our family . We will always cherish those moments. We really hope that we will have the opportunity to do many more trips with of you in the future….that is the beginning of a series of sailing adventures for us. Alex you have been on amazing captain …your stories, your jokes, your patience …calmness …thank you for designing such a wonderful itinerary for us … Rock !!!! Carla we are so mad at you! Because of your excellent culinary stills, we leave this boat with at least 3-4 pounds more! You are such a talented chef and we are so blessed to having the opportunity to taste your creations. Cheers to more yummy food! Thank you Bagheera team for everything …it has been 3 magical days! See you soon! Welcome to Greece!
Manolis, Katerina, Alexandra an Melinda ( Greece )

Better and Better

Art Director

Thank you all, once again for an amazing and unforgettable time. At this point, it’s my 5th time and every trip gets better and better. I will forever be appreciative of are the love and care we receive while on the boat. Alex your jokes & excitement never disappoint. Thank you for telling us our everyday & filling our days us laughter & joy. Carla your meals are by far my favorite …. I would love to take you to New York …
Lots of Love!
(New York)

Memorable Trip

Art Director

We cannot thank you enough for helping create one of the most memorable trips! You catered to our every need and made our first boating experience incredible! We cannot wait to do this again! Bravo!!! The evenings at Soggy Dollar and Peter Island were incredible!

Brand, Lauren, Sienna and Cayde (Beverly Hills California)

Thank you for every single thing you have all done! I will treasure every single moment! Alex thank you for being the best captain ever! I really liked everything you did for everyone. Carla every meal you made was outstanding. I loved all the hard work that you put into them. I will remember this trip forever! You all made it so special!

Cayden (10 years old )

Thank you for what have done for us. Alex , thank you for helping us go were ever we want to go and you are a great captain ! Carla, thank you for making the food I ready liked it and you’re a ready good cook !

Sienna ( 8 years old )

Amazing vacation!

Art Director

Carla, Erin and Alex,

Thank you all for a great vacation! Alex, you found us the best destinations. Carla, your food and company were both great! Erin, your service, hospitality, and kindness made all of the difference. It’s all I could ever as for and more. See you guys next time!

Best Week of Our Lives

Art Director

Alex, Carla and Erin,

Wow. This week has been surreal. Thank you all so much for everything you all did for us. From Alex bringing us around the islands, Carla's constantly AMAZING food, and Erin being willing to clean 3 rooms littered by college boys, you are all amazing and have made this week one of the best ones of my life.

-Will E

Way Beyond Expectations

Art Director

Alex, Carla, and Erin,
Seriously. Best. Week. Ever. More than hospitality. You all showed us true kindness and friendship. Love and care into every detail. Patience and respect. True professionals. Amazing humans. You made our “surprise Bruce 70th Birthday” surreal for us all. Much love and appreciation.
-Jenn & Eric L

Alex, Carla, and Erin
Oh my goodness. You delivered way beyond expectations – in every way. Not only was this trip with you three an adventure of a lifetime for this soul-friend group, your warm caring generous hearts gave something that is so very rare and so incredibly valuable in these times. Thank you! I can only dream of another opportunity to “live out loud” with you all again.

Alex, Carla, and Erin
We will never ever forget this soul-cleansing trip. You made Bruce’s surprise birthday unforgettable. We will never forget this trip as long as we live. The food was amazing and we will be talking about our meals for a very long time. Carla, your food was so amazing and wonderful. We will never forget these meals that you put before us for 7 amazing days!!
-Kim & Bruce

To our favorite crew. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We felt like family and will never forget this experience.
-Dan & Christina A

January 2022 BVI charter

Art Director

“Meals – WOW!!! Carla was an amazing cook. She also remembered Jo Ann’s aversions (any meat but pork, runny eggs, etc.) and sometimes had something different for her or made sure there were substantial sides if we had something like chicken or beef. We ate like kings and queens. B (Beatrice? We were told to call her B so not sure of her full name) was awesome as first mate and server. Super nice, always trying to make sure we had what we wanted. I think we only ate one or two meals off the yacht. Other than that we had three amazing meals every day. And I have an extra 5lb to prove it, which I rarely gain on regular cruises.

I know they couldn’t get everything we requested as far as alcohol, but they had great options and took care of us.

The yacht was beautiful and Alex (and Carla and B) were constantly cleaning and making sure it was clean and in great shape. Sometimes on boats things get a little moldy or whatever but I never saw that. They did have rules they wanted us to follow about where we could sit when we were wet and where was off limits, so I’m sure that helps keep it nicer. And no red wine inside – great rule on their part! They had lots of fun toys, but we mostly lazed around and floated. They got one of those power surfboards the day we left, so more fun toys. Alex was great about explaining how to use them, getting it set up, cleaning it up. It was a lot of work for him! The first day he taught us how to use the nemo thing he told us we couldn’t drink before, which was understandable. B cleaned our rooms once a day and made the beds etc.

Crew – amazing! Super friendly and helpful. Alex was super knowledgeable about the islands and who lived where and would explain it all to us as we cruised around. It was kind of weird being in such close quarters for that long with people we really didn’t know but by the end of the week we had fallen into our routine and were comfortable talking/not talking, whatever. I think that feeling was on our end because this was new for us and we weren’t sure how much to say hi when we walked by them if they were working, etc.

The BVI was beautiful, but we were surprised how uncrowded pretty much everything was except for Jost Van Dyke. I asked if that was covid and Alex said it was the hurricane in 2017 and then covid. Everything is still recovering. We did find a couple fun places to dance and party where there were other people, but it was a pretty chill trip (except for Willy T Sunday night escapade lol). I wasn’t too impressed with the snorkeling but maybe that’s because I’m used to diving in areas better known for diving. The rest of the group seemed to really enjoy the snorkeling. I think if we went again I would probably line up diving and also find some more resorts that had some nightlife if we could.

Expectations? That’s so hard because none of us really knew what to expect. We loved the laziness of the days and the ease of having everything right at our fingertips for food and drink. They had a lot of great toys and the crew, again, was fantastic. I personally missed more action like nightlife, but that’s probably because my expectations weren’t realistic and had nothing to do with the boat/crew. If I did it again I would pack even less than I did for sure. We bought quite a few t-shirts and outside of swimsuits that’s basically what I wore every night.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Bagheera and its crew. Fair Winds,

Bucket List Trip

Art Director

The cruise aboard Bagheera was absolutely wonderful. The boat is super well maintained and we love the contemporary feel in it’s appointments. Alex, Karla, and Bea are so professional and organized. Karla’s meals should be featured on a cooking show ! Alex sailed us everywhere with such ease and efficiency. Bea was amazingly attentive to everyone’s needs. We saw and did more then we anticipated; stopped in at all the famous watering holes, looked for buried treasure, and enjoyed the stunning views of the BVI.
It was certainly a “bucket list trip” . Thank you so much for all you did for us !! Len & M'Recia

Amazing Crew!

Art Director

Dear Alex, Carla & Bea,
Thank you so much for making my vacation perfect! I had a blast and you guys rocked it! The food, care and guidance were impeccable! I will pray for you guys to prosper & for great health! May God Bless you all richly, Mitch.
Alex, Carla and Bea, Thanks for a wonderful week aboard Bagheera! Your food and service was amazing! See you again in the future! DeeDee Charlotte NC
Alex, Carla & Bea, Thanks very much for making our trip so much fun! Outstanding. I can’t wait to get back again for another trip. Sean
Alex, Carla & Bea
Thank you for a wonderful experience. What an amazing Crew! The food and hospitality was perfect. Thanks again. Cheers Marty and Angie Indianapolis
Alex, Carla, Bea,
Special times with special people. Thanks for the birthday party for Cheri. Snorkeling was a highlight for sure and obviously the meals, snacks, drinks and all the special touches. Anegada sail was amazing! Cheers Cheri and Patrick North Carolina

Incredible Hospitality

Art Director

Alex, Carla – Bea,
Thank you for everything you did to create a fabulous week for our family! We had a wonderful time.
The meals were delicious and we thank Carla for her hard work. Bea—you so nicely spoiled us with coffee, painkillers, glasses of wine etc. Alex –thanks you for putting together such a lovely itinerary and for making sure there were plenty of toys to entertain ourselves. We are grateful for your incredible hospitality!! All the best Mary, Dave, Jack, Charlie and Carly.

Perfect Vacation

Art Director

Alex, you made us feel safe and very comfortable. Sailing through the BVI was wonderful. Thank you.
Carla - Your delicious food was amazing. Loved hearing about the recipes – learning new things- Thank you so much. Bea – You are amazing so many of us – and you were great. Thank you for taking care of us.: Your wit was so enjoyable – you made me laugh- Thank you so much.
We loved the boat – What a Perfect Vacation after 3 awful years. Thank you - New Jersey

Magnificent Holiday May 2022

Art Director

Alex, Carla and Beatrice,
Our family had a magnificent holiday and 40th celebration of our first born Carter. We are so thrilled he found such an incredible week for us to spend together. Thank you for sharing with us all your beautiful BVI’s and also your family. You all made our our experience exciting and totally relaxing. Every aspect so wonderfully adapted to us. Fabulous meals and first hand experiences. We appreciate all that each of the three of did to make this a once in a lifetime trip for us. The Fourmers

Mid June 2015

Art Director

As much as we loved our first trip to the BVI, this was by far several levels above that, we could not have made a better choice than Alex and Carla.
Absolutely the best crew in the BVI, Carlas meals were amazing and Alex is just a crazy SOB, perfect for our group. The thing that was evident from the start is how attentive they both are to making sure you have a great time, which we did in spades.
We loved their approach to making our trip memorable, the itinerary was perfect, spent days at beautiful beaches and then Alex would run the girls to shore for shopping expeditions then come back and entertain the boys with watersports or fishing. They worked their butts off, constantly making us cocktails and spoiling us.
Avalon was very well maintained and we had no problems whatsoever, as we sailed to different locations; Alex provided commentary on the islands and points of interest, hes awesome.
They both made us feel like family, and I know I came away with a deeper respect for how much work is involved in taking care of 8 guests for a week. If you cant tell by now, we had an amazing trip with these two and only way I would come back is with Alex and Carla.
I very much appreciate all you did to simplify the process. Hope to see yall again in the near future. Thanks again for a great trip.
Dave Sellars

February 2015

Art Director

Thank you for an incredible week of sailing the BVIs! Your knowledge, passion, talents and attention to every detail made this adventure an experience of a lifetime! We will forever cherish our Caribbean memories with you ... Sunsets, painkillers, freshly ground nutmeg, snorkeling, fishing, dinghy rides, the gorgeous beaches you helped us smoothly navigate and discover, paddle-boarding, kayaking, tubing, relaxing on the 'starship painkiller'! The cards, the disco lighting, the perfectly executed romantic celebration and or course, very wonderful Carla-creation ... It was all so magical!

All our love and appreciation,

Carolyn, Steve, Sarah, Dan, Mike, Amy, Ed & Courtney

More than ever imagined

Art Director

Dear Alex and Carla,

Well, weve been home for a week and were still riding high on our happiness from that fabulous with you guys. Thank you, thank you for that you did to make that very special week more than we ever could have hope for or imagined. Believe me, our expectations were high (and I was a little worried about that going in) but you made it so that it surpassed anything we dreamed of. We will treasure the memories forever and be ever grateful that we were fortunate enough to spend the time with you.

Thank you so very much.


Terri & Larry

November 2018

Art Director

Thank you Alex, Carla and Georgia, for one of the most amazing experiences of my (our) lives. Everything was perfect - the food, the cocktails, the service, the storie and of course our unforgettable Willie T night, swinging off the side of the boat and getting me on waterskis. Everything was outstanding!!
We have traveled alot and I can't say enough about how incredible the hospitality & experience was. I'll leave you with...
Love, Nicole & Peter
San Diego, Ca

December 2018

Art Director

Alex, Carla and Georgina,
Thanks so much for a great week! I will always remember your kindness and helpfulness.
Thanks Again,

Bagheera crew,
Thank you so much for making our trip so great. I will always remember this trip with your kindness and hospitality.

November 2019

Art Director

Dear Alex, Carla and Molly
I view the trip would be great and because of your skills, hospitality and attention to detail on the beautiful Bagheera, I was not wrong ! Indeed , your care and graciously, along with nautical ability, exceeded my already high expectations. Alex is a extraordinarily Captain, Carla ambition and talents chef and Molly a charming bartender.
Thank you so much !
Hope see you soon !
Harriet ( NJ)

December 2019

Art Director

Alex, Carla and Molly
Thank you all so much for this amazing trip ! The BVI is stunning and what made this trip the most memorable is your amazing crew. The fantastic sails, incredible feasts and amazing service has been unforgettable. We will always remember this trip and it truly would not have been the same without you.The sailing were wonderful!
The Goulds

New Year Charter 2020 -2021

Art Director

To Bagheera crew and friends, words cannot even describe how much we enjoyed this trip! But here is my best attempt to summaries the amazing times we shared….
This is a week we look forward to all year long. With all the craziness of this year, we needed this trip more than ever. Your warm smiles and endearing spirits made this the absolute best one yet!
We are no strangers to sailing but after hearing my parents sing your praises all these years, I honestly didn’t believe there was anyway you could possibly live up to it. I was incredibly wrong! You exceeded every expectation. Everything was perfect from the food, weather, conversation. Thank you for allowing us to be your first charter of the season. We hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours.

Captain Alex:
Thank you for an amazing trip. Your willingness to accommodate all our needs… knowledge of sailing is unmatched
Thank you so much for yar wonderful food. Although my wardrobe will definitely fit a little snug when I get back. Your culinary expertise, sweet humor are something I’ll always remember. Everything was Very nice.
To the crew
Thank you again for an adventure at a lifetime. This is hands down the best vacation we’ve ever been on. I hope this Charter season brings you ample joy and trips!
Until next time,

The Mc Queens
(Mac , Susan , Cameron , Erin , Lauren and Tatum) NORTH CAROLINA

Wonderful experience

Art Director

We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful experience. It has been definitely the highlight of the past few years for the Lodokia Family ! The trip with you has been an unforgettable memory for our family . We will always cherish those moments. We really hope that we will have the opportunity to do many more trips with of you in the future….that is the beginning of a series of sailing adventures for us. Alex you have been on amazing captain …your stories, your jokes, your patience …calmness …thank you for designing such a wonderful itinerary for us … Rock !!!! Carla we are so mad at you! Because of your excellent culinary skills, we leave this boat with at least 3-4 pounds more! You are such a talented chef and we are so blessed to having the opportunity to taste your creations. Cheers to more yummy food! Thank you Bagheera team for everything …it has been 3 magical days! See you soon! Welcome to Greece!

Manolis, Katerina, Alexandra and Melinda ( Greece )

Wonderful Experience - March 2021

Art Director

There are no words to describe this wonderful experience on board Bagheera. You absolutely gracious hosts. The boat is immaculate, the journey was completely safe and soft, the food was OMG wonderful. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything. Not one complaint. Everything was more than perfect. Thanks for being so charming, nice, warm. Thanks, Carla, for such delicious food. I love the chicken curry, the Flan, the chicken marroquin and the chocolate mousse of avocado)
Alex thanks for the safe trip and your patience with each and everyone of us. For the wonderful time teaching me how to ski. Next time I will do it !!!
God Bless you ! You are more than welcome in Colombia !
Maria and Afonso (Colombia )

Unbelievable Memories

Art Director

One more trip with you and always an exceptional experience and new memories to last forever. You have welcomed a big part of our family and friends, chartering special memories in the BVI’s. May we be able to do more trips together! Thanks to all of you for making our vacations so special. It is so much fun when we remember our trips. Love you guys! Wishing you the best! Come to Puerto Rico!
Pilar, Tony (Puerto Rico)

What an incredible voyage /trip/vacation ….this has been the first of its kind for me ! I will always cherish the unbelievable memories we made on this trip. I tried so many new experiences … wakeboarding, tubing etc. I also. Explored a new geography and come to better understand the diverse ways people live on this lovely planet – a refreshing perspective. I am determined to visit all Caribbean Island before I die and if there is an opportunity to do so with Carla and Alex. The team is absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t have more positive things to say about this trip. Huge shoutout to our team of elite navy seals.

Lucas Almada (New York)

The Perfect Trip BVI May 2021

Art Director

Alex, Carla, and Erin –
The perfect trip. The perfect crew. Thank you for everything
-Claire & Richard T

An absolute blast!

Art Director

Carla, Alex and Erin,

What an absolutely blast this week has been! The food, the snorkeling, the music…top notch! We will definitely be back. Until then, safe travels.

-Catherine & Anthony

May 2021 BVI - Just perfect!

Art Director

Alex, Carla, and Erin –

The perfect trip. The perfect crew. Thank you for everything

-Claire & Richard T

July 2021 BVI - Wonderful Week

Art Director

Dear Carla, Alyssa, and Alex,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week. We all had a wonderful relaxing time enjoying the breath of the BVI and sharing with you our great times. The food was amazing! We enjoyed every single dish. Always felt safe with Alex and appreciate the time he spent with the girls skiing and wakeboarding. Thanks so much.

February BVI 2022

Art Director

The cruise aboard Bagheera was absolutely wonderful. The boat is super well maintained and we love the contemporary feel in it’s appointments. Alex, Karla, and Bea are so professional and organized. Karla’s meals should be featured on a cooking show ! Alex sailed us everywhere with such ease and efficiency. Bea was amazingly attentive to everyone’s needs. We saw and did more then we anticipated; stopped in at all the famous watering holes, looked for buried treasure, and enjoyed the stunning views of the BVI.
It was certainly a “bucket list trip” .
Thank you so much for all you did for us !!
Len & M'Recia

Best 40th Birthday Ever

Art Director

Alex, Carla, Bea!!! What an amazing experience! Thank you, the crew for making this trip such a breeze. The memories of this week will be with us forever, and the three of you will always be a part of it! Great way to be introduced to sailing. I could not possibly wish to have it any other way. P. S The food was amazing!!! Hope to see you again one day! Gerwald “The Russian”.
This week was an unexpected gift with wonderful people and a lifetime of smiles. Thank you Alex, Bea and Carla for an adventure we will never forget. Best 40th birthday ever. Thank you, Thank you Earth & Alec
Wow! This week was one of the most incredible experiences of our life. Captain Alex, Chef Carla and sweet Bea made it so enjoyable. Something we will never forget. We appreciate all your hard work to make it so amazing. I hope we would be lucky enough to do this again some day. Thank you for everything xoxox Analee and Cougar

Food Spectacular

Art Director

# Alex, Carla & Beatrice,
Truly the trip of a lifetime! Every single thing was remarkable. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please come visit us in Beaufort. XXOOOX Love A & D Beaufort South Carolina
Dear Alex, Carla and Beatrice,
This trip has been the trip of a lifetime, due to many reasons, such a beautiful location. Alex has taken us to locations, that other boats have not been able to get to, his gentle mannerisms, cruising us around the islands, has made the trip so relaxing. Our chef Carla has cooked us food everyday like no other meals we have ever eaten at any restaurant, each meal has just got better and better, can’t believe the meals she made all perfectly timed for us to all eat together and taste so amazing. Beatrice such a lovely host, so accommodating, friendly and gorgeous person always looking after everyone’s needs individually. “Michlle you want Chardonnay??” So cute. Thank you so so much for making this trip so memorable. Michelle and Chris from Sydney Australia. Our Aussie friends are so Jealous!!
Dear Alex Carla and Bea – This is our third time we went to the BVI and this was Our Best Trip Ever!! The food was beyond fantastic and the service was wonderful. We greatly enjoyed the experience. We look forward to traveling with you again in the future. Nancy, Beaufort South Carolina
Completely Professional, Cruise and crew, locations, food spectacular. Best BVI cruise we have ever done! Dave S.C.
Dear Alex and Carla and Bea,
Paul and I have never been to the BVI and we were so fortunate to be treated to a week on Bagheera with you! We have had the most fabulous trip with Alex as our Captain, Carla as our gourmet chef and Bea as our incredible bar tender, waitress and housekeeper extraordinaire! Everything has been over the TOP! Excellent! We have been treated to the most beautiful, scenic spots in the BVI by Alex who knows every highlight in the islands. We cannot describe how fabulous each meal prepared by Carla, has been! Better than any first class restaurants we have been to for dinner! Five Star! Bea is the Island Bartender beyond our dreams! Tropical treats every day! She waited on us hand and foot and we never wanted for anything we could not get! Bea is always there!
The bottom line is our trip has been out of this world because of you three. We love you! Betty and Paul.

Best Family Vacation Ever

Art Director

Alex, Carla & Bea,
What a wonderful week aboard Bagheera! Alex knew all the perfect spots to take us and is so knowledgeable about all the island reefs and swims etc. Carlas food was incredible – each meal so different from the last. We certainly were spoiled! Bea’s attention to every detail and her interaction with the kids made for the most relaxing week ever for us. We hope to return! Best family vacation ever. The Cheatwoods.

Wonderful Trip BVI

Art Director

Dear Alex, Carla and Bea,
Thank you for making this such a wonderful trip. You quickly anticipated our needs and went above and beyond to meet them.
The food was delicious and the cocktails were the best ever.
Steve and I wish you a lifetime of blessings and happiness.
Sharon and Steve - Texas

September 2022 in the Grenadines

Art Director

It was just as we had hoped.
The boat is so well equipped and we made use of all the sea toys on offer. We spent a lot of time in the water!!
The route and venues meant that we saw and stayed at some beautiful places - so we have some stunning pics to share with family and friends.
Alex ensured that we got our snorkelling done in some good spots and that we did just right amount of sailing each day on our route.
Carla prepared us fulsome breakfasts which set us up for the day and lovely varied dinners which we were ashamed not to finish sometimes, such were the generous portions.
Gui, the deck hand, was very attentive and kept us plied with drinks and the crew conjured up some great cocktails.
All in all, we had a memorable time; it was just a shame that our eighth passenger was not able to be part of it due to his ill health.

We would all do this again!! Perhaps the BVI’s or somewhere new to us next time….







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