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Dominic Baldzuhn


First Charter on the New 65! April 2019

Art Director

Well that was a birthday to remember!

My first Paddleboard, my first manatee! Thank you for an idyllic time in a very special location. Thank you for making it so easy with the kids and all of us. Hannah and Dom, you brightened our journey.

Thanksgiving Charter 2019

Art Director

The Best compliment you can give a crew is to rebook, right?

See previous comment! (July 2019)

Fantastic, Wonderful, Outstanding etc etc, Thank you Dom & Hann!

The Barbers

New Years Charter 2019/2020

Art Director

Thank you Dom & Hannah for an incredible trip and a wonderful, unexpected friendship!

There was not a single thing that was not above- and - beyond, the food, the spots you took us, the snorkeling, and especially the company and conversation.

We cannot wait to come back and spend (hopefully) another two weeks onboard with you. Thank you again for the laughter, the fun, and the amazing memories!

Charlotte, Joey, Chance & Oren

Tandem Charter with Seaglass Feb 2020

Art Director

Dom and Hanna!

Thank you so so much! We had an unforgettable time!
Amazing food, creative drinks, lots of laughs!
Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful,
You really went above and beyond and made this trip so incredible!

Mucho Gusto!!
Hope to see you all again!

The Pisani Family,

Celebratory Trip March 2020

Art Director

Dom & Hannah,

Thank you both for the trip of a lifetime!

The only thing better than the yacht was the company of Dom & Hannah. The food & service exceeded any expectations we had.
Dom was an expert at picking the perfect locations to anchor, Hannah blew us away at every meal, & together they planned the perfect week of unforgettable memories.

We can't wait to see you guys again soon!!

The Hobick Family
Tampa, Florida

Post Hurricane Isias Charter August 2020

Art Director

Dear Hannah & Dom,
How can I thanks you for making this trip beyond wonderful & magical? You guys are great, fun and so comfortable to be with. From the fabulous food, magical coves & beaches, tow snorkeling (a first & such fun!) and patience with shell collecting. i couldn't have asked from more. I cannot wait until we meet again! With love, Pam

Dom + Hannah,
Thank you again for the most incredible trip! You made this trip absolutely fantastic and a perfect holiday amongst the craziness of 2020. Plenty of fun and silly memories were made; from Dom's wine bottle incident to tow snorkeling and curious sharks. This is the best because of you two and we cannot wait to have you come visit us! Until then; safe travels!

The Rossetter's (again)
Wellington, Florida

New Years 2020/2021

Art Director

Dear Hannah + Dom,

What an incredible trip! Thank you so very much for ending such a bizarre year on such a high note! The best part of our year, for sure! A week spent with family and an amazing crew was definitely cut too short. This week went beyond our expectations, with incredible food and service. Let's not forget the countless laughs and bright memories of Drew & SG getting engaged to Trip skipping across the water from Dom's Tube driving skills and Hannah's delectable chocolate chip cookie birthday cake for Robert, you made this trip everything we hoped for and more.
Cheers to the absolute best start to the New Year!
With Love,

The Hurleys,
Urbanna/ Weems/ Lynchburg VA

Spring Break March 2021

Art Director

Dom & Hannah-
Thank you for a wonderful Spring Break. Everything about our trip was perfect. Food, weather, activities and the “adventure” stories with you and Dom. Thank you for putting up with our menu requests and our pretend British accents. We really enjoyed both of y’all. Dane will miss Hannah more than anything and of course please keep Stanley happy.
We hope to return soon & Good Luck to both of you,
Y’all are special.
The Brown Family
Beaumont, Texas

First Week of May

Art Director

Han & Dom-
This trip- how do I describe it? So much sun and salt and new experiences! You two made us feel so special, so taken care of- a true vacation. When was the last time we had one? I don’t think we even have had one ^until now- a completely new experience!
The beauty of the Bahamas cannot even compare with you two. And the FOOD- I could write page after page about how stunning the food was. Thank you so much- we are so grateful and hope we get to see you again! Much Love,
Chris & Brandon

Hannah & Dom-
What a week we had... the fun, the food, the experiences, the laughter... all will remain such a special memory for us.
You created a fantastic 25th wedding celebration that we appreciate and are so thankful for (Hope there aren’t too many photos!).
We are so happy to have had this time and to have spent it with our wonderful family and new friends (YOU!).
Hoping our paths cross again soon,
More & Art

A Mid May Escapade

Art Director

It seems that every time I write an entry in a 'travel guest book', it always begins with "Wow!... amazing trip!...awesome!... can't wait to come back!..." but this time feels different. Spending the week with Dom and Hannah was like coming home. Where family welcomes you with open arms and where laughter and conversation are plentiful. Where there’s always something delightful brewing in the kitchen and where evenings are for stories of the day’s adventures, relaxing and ice cream! We are grateful for this time with Dom and Hannah who felt like friends you had missed for so long and finally able to see again. It is time… we cannot wait to return, as we are absolutely in love with the Mucho Gusto and these islands!
Until next time…
The Jolley’s
Chattanooga, TN

A Last Minute Switcheroo, Part Two

Art Director

Dear Hannah & Dom,

Thank you for making our short two night stay so magical! The food was absolutely incredible, the location was dreamy and your involvement in helping and including our teenagers in the fun made this trip so special for us. We truly were able to see and do so many fun things- from swimming with sea turtles, paddle boarding, snorkeling the reef, tubing, trying to knock down the infamous coconut, the glorious lightning storm with the heart shaped lightning bolt! learning a new board game, playing dominoes and 5-star dining that was out of this world good. So worth all the effort to get here! We know our son Azby will remember this trip of a lifetime as well. Thank you for taking him under your wing. When Doug caught the first fish, I will never forget Dom saying to Azby, “You must learn Azby” in his stealth accent “how to get the fish off the hook and back into the water”. So memorable- all of it. We feel blessed. Thank you!
The Grant Family
Newcastle, CA

A 3 Day Break Away- Part Two

Art Director

What a fine and beautiful experience…
Thank you for providing such a beautiful space.
The food was Michelin star!
Dom and Hannah are very special not to mention extremely talented! Every meal and adventure was amazing because of them  and of course the EXUMAS!!!

The boat is almost as beautiful as the crew- Dom & Hannah- who really make for a fantastic experience. Thank you so much!!

Doug & Dori,
Orange County, CA

Christmas Charter 2021

Art Director

Like Ferris Bueller said “ life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop & look around once in a while you will miss it”. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our family stop & look around. It’s the memories we make & the people we share them with that matters the most in life. We made amazing memories that will last a lifetime & most important we got to shape them with you. You both are the best. To good health, happiness & memories yet to be made… maybe we will even get you to Boston & Cape Cod and we can take care of you!
The Zuker’s
Boston MA

First trip of 2022

Art Director

Dear Dominic and Hannah,
We have absolutely LOVED out time with you on Mucho Gusto! You are both such special people and it has been such a pleasure to spend the last week with you! Dominic, you have the most gentle spirit. It was so sweet to watch you with Remy. Hannah- You are so much fun to be around! I am not super social but I found myself wanting to be around you visiting all the time <3. We all agree that you are the most magnificent chef we have ever met!!! All of our adventures were incredible, all of our meals were amazing, I don’t really see any room for improvements!  We hope to see you again,
The Cheney’s
Portland, OR

A week of Valentines Day-ing 2022

Art Director

Dear Hannah & Dom,
Thank you for an incredible week of divine food and adventure. We feel so lucky to have explored one of the most beautiful places on earth with you as our guides. From nurse sharks to “real” sharks, sea turtles, rays, and hundreds of varieties of fish, it was a feast for the eyes. And the food, so delicious with expert attention to detail. As Hans Christian Andersen writes, “To travel is to live,” I believe this week was one of the best weeks we’ve had in travel and in life.
Thank you,
The Renninger’s
Raleigh NC

Dearest Hannah & Dom!
Once again a magical vacation!
-Turquoise water, white sand, beautiful sunsets
-Swimming with many nurse sharks now that I’m not in fear for my life!
-More fish than I could possibly count
-Best meals EVER!
-Poker where we were schooled by Hannah
-Amazing Cookies!
-Introduction to Kumquats and essential oils.
-A week with our amazing friends!

See you in May!
The Schwartz’
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Amid March Madness

Art Director

Dear Dom & Hannah-
Thank you for an unbelievable few days that I’ll never forget in my “49th” YES year. Best of Luck to both of you!
The Best 3 days ever! Best food + fun + company

The Kanthack’s,
Dallas, TX

Dom & Hannah,
Thank ya so much for the fabulous hospitality and grand adventures! It was the most wonderful way to spend 3 days! All the best!

The Bush’s
Atlanta, GA

An Exuma Anniversary 2022

Art Director

Dear Hannah & Dom
There are no words to describe this amazing experience. The views alone were incredible, but your gourmet food & service were Michelin star worthy. We feel so fortunate to have been able to spend these 7 days on this amazing yacht.

Johnsons & Arata Family
Mobile, AL

Schooner Cay Seclusion

Art Director

Dom & Han,
Another year, another amazing trip with you two!
After 4 trips with you I don't know what more there is to say other than thank you for an incredible two weeks and we'll miss you both!
We're so grateful for your friendship and wish you the happiest of wedding days!
See you soon!
Lots of Love,
The Rossetter's,
McLean, Virginia

4 Day Exuma Excursion July 2019

Art Director

To the Impeccable Captain Dominic & the Exquisite Chef, Hannah.

I don't think we have enough adjectives to properly describe the perfection of our time on Mucho Gusto!

From tendering over to pick us up by the airport (Staniel Cay), to planning the perfect anchorages, to seeking out fantastic snorkel spots both well known & brand new, Dominic, Your professionalism and attention to detail was levels above your years!

Chef Hannah, you my friend, have MAD food skills. Every meal was perfectly prepared and an explosion of complementary flavors and textures... A new adventure on every plate. I don't think we have ever eaten so well for so many meals in a row!

Mucho Gusto is truly a beautiful yacht and the attention to detailing the planning does not go unnoticed. the smart choices and stunning design elements make her a match above the competition. We cannot wait to get our next adventure with you guys on the books!

From the bottom of our Hearts, Thank you!
The Barber Family
Lucas, Texas

Christmas Charter 2019

Art Director

Thank you for a magical time this week on the Mucho Gusto!

Hannah and Dominic, you have truly spoiled us all. Thanks you for all the laughs and memories!

The Williams,
Greenville, South Carolina

Valentines Day Charter 2020

Art Director

Dom + Hannah,

Hard to believe our second voyage could top the first, but thanks to your incredible hospitality, you did just that.

The journey, the food, the drinks (!!!!), and the warm TLC made for a great 6 days.
You two feel like family... we'll definitely see you again on Mucho Gusto.

Thanks for everything,

The Chapek's

End of February 2020

Art Director


Nick & Hannah,

You folks made the trip - great yacht, very comfortable, and trip very well planned out- Hannah's cooking has us on an immediate diet when we get home!!

The Kimbrough's
Orange Beach, Alabama

Pre Isolation Charter March 2020

Art Director

Dom and Hannah!

We could not have been "Quarantined" with nicer people or a better culinary Rock Star!
Thank you so much for making this last week FANTASTIC. Some of our favorite memories are the water sports (Dom, you're the best tube-driver ever) and the food (seriously!).
I'm personally thankful for 'The Four Tendencies' (book in the little library) and the added knowledge and vocabulary it has given me.
You know as an Obliger I cannot not write in this book and you know as a Rebel, Steve just won't write in this book, that Brody (our questioner) has thoroughly questioned and thought about why he should or shouldn't write in this book and that Ella (Upholder) has been ready to write in it all day.

Either way, please know that you are probably only 1/4 mile away from us at any given time/ place and we'd love to hear from you.

We would not hesitate to book again with you both and Mucho Gusto has been a dream boat!

Thanks so much for everything!

The Gray's,
Lucas, Texas

Dec 20- 26 Charter 2020

Art Director

Dear Dom + Hannah
Thank you for such a wonderful, charming, lovely, part of our family's birthday/holiday adventure. From spoiling us with dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free delights, to swimming pigs, flying on the tube, sushi, wakeboarding at sunset, snorkeling, avocado toast, lost flippers, pet nurse sharks, being together on a beautiful boat in the turquoise Bahamas, early paddle boards, baking with Ms Hannah, and most importantly a healthy reconnection during these challenging times. "We don't just Mucho Gusto Mucho Gusto.. We LOVE Mucho Gusto"

The Bassichis Family
Dallas, Texas

40th Birthday Celebration Bahamas January 2021

Art Director

Hannah & Dom you 2 are magic!
Mucho Gusto was the best home on the sea this week & we all had a glorious trip! Thank you for tolerating & documenting in amazing pictures & videos all of our fun and foolishness! Valories 40th Birthday party and meal were heavenly perfection & the decor was as pretty as the perfect cake! We hope you always remember us for always being extra... and hopefully we gave you some good laughs & memories too! Thank you again & you’ll always have a place to stay if you make it to Atlanta, Georgia!
Much love and gratitude from us all!
(I’ll be stalking you from Instagram forever)

The Atlanta Clan
(Val, Josh, Ali, Canada & Jenn)

An Easter Two-Weeker

Art Director

Han and Dom,
Thank you, again, for an incredible trip though the Exumas. The memories are endless- new spots we visited, favorites we returned to, card and board games, dolphins, all our shark and ray friends and days and nights filled with fun and laughter!
Mucho Gusto and you both have definitely become our home on the sea, so we'll be back soon, so far we've managed every 8 months so we hope to be seeing you again soon!
The Rossetter's
Mclean, Viriginia

Tandem in May

Art Director

Hannah and Dom-
Where do I even begin?
Words alone cannot express how amazing this trip was. The thought and detail that went into every meal, activity and excursion was beyond our wildest dreams. You both made this truly a trip of our dreams and the best 50th (51st) birthday celebration possible. Thank you, thank you!
We are already looking forward to seeing you both again!
The Stefano’s
Westford, MA

Hannah + Dom-
This was an AMAZING TRIP.
We loved every minute of it. Everything was perfect from the well picked stops along beautiful sandbars, beaches to the delicious food. We were all so taken care of the entire time. It is my hope that we get to return. You both made our vacation unforgettable.
Thank you!
The Ansted’s
Groton, MA

A Last Minute Switcheroo

Art Director

It was a wonderful time on Mucho Gusto, with our two grandchildren. Dom was fantastic playing with Azby & Izzy. Hannah’s cooking will put us on a diet for weeks to come.
It was a special trip on short notice! Thank you so Much.

The Lacks,
Elk Grove, CA

3 Day Breakaway

Art Director

Dom +Hannah
Thank you for the most incredible experience.
Snorkeling was incredible and thank you for helping me get over my fear. The food was amazing and hospitality over the top. This trip has created the most fantastic memories that we will have for a lifetime. Thank you for that.

The Experience was unforgettable! Hannah’s cooking skills are second to none. Best food I’ve ever enjoyed. Dom’s boating tours were amazing! You both make an incredible team it was a pleasure meeting and yachting with you both.

Sincere thank you for a wonderful trip.

The Miller’s
Evanston, Illinois

Thank you, Hannah and Dom, for such an incredible and memory filled time! Hannah- you are such a gifted chef- every meal was even better than the last! Mucho Gusto is like a 5-star restaurant! Dom- I loved all the adventures and the experiences! So many Firsts, floating thru the mangroves, and snorkeling thru caves- just wow! And the sharks!? Never ever thought I would swim or PET sharks! This has been the best!

Simply Unforgettable- An 11 out of 10! Can’t wait for next year!

The Brandt’s
Tampa, Florida

Friendsgiving Trip Nov 2021

Art Director

Dom & Hannah
What a beautiful experience on this fabulous vessel!! It would not have been possible without your constant attention to our every need & TLC. We hope this is not our last voyage with y’all.
The Perry’s
Atlanta, GA

New Years 2021/22

Art Director

Dear Dom & Hannah
Thank you so much for the most amazing family vacation!
We have had such a wonderful time from all the adventures, snorkeling, tubing, pig island.
Thank you Hannah for all of the delicious food and for being so accommodating to us all, everything was delicious!
Thank you for being so kind and wonderful to the boys!
Dom, thank you so much for all of your patience and attention with Daniel. Daniel has had the best vacation of his life, and its all because of your kindness!
Thank you for all that you taught him this week,
All the best to you both,
The Lederman's
Rowayton, CT

Mid January Charter 2022

Art Director

Dear Hannah & Dominic,
It’s been a fantastic week- so relaxing.
Lots of special and different dishes (Tx Hannah) and Dom took us to all the best spots for activities, turtle watching and the lovely blue water and with sandy beaches.
A real treat from the cold winds in Norway and all the impossible pandemic issues. Maybe you’ll get to Norway some day and we can show you the beauty of Norway.
The Winkels,

Dear Hannah and Dominic,
Every once in a while a little magic happens, and so it was when we boarded the good ship “Mucho Gusto’. The two of you work in perfect harmony, and made us feel right at home, the food was varied and divine as was the wine and whiskey.
The sights and sounds of the beautiful islands, the stories round the dinner table, all added to an unforgettable week, which has sadly come to an end.
We will never forget and will always look back with a smile on our faces.
Bon Voyage guys & happy trails,

The Johnsons,
Sarasota, Florida

5 Days of March Madness

Art Director

Dear Hannah and Dom,
Our trip was too short! We already miss the blue water and the most amazing food and company! Dane had so many new adventures and Abby achieved the tan of a lifetime. Thank you both for always making this trip so special. We can’t wait to do it again, you are truly the best.

So happy to have had this time with you guys. Both of you are genuine and kind & provided the best environment for a relaxing trip. The food & service were exceptional.

The Browns & friends
Beaumont, TX

An Exuma Rendezvous 2022

Art Director

Dear Han & Dom,
Thank you so much for everything, we had so much fun diving. It was great seeing Hannah get up to 10 dives. The food was excellent, we learned that Han should be on Masterchef with that steak of hers. We hope Dom bad fun napping, and Not thoroughly enjoyed being destroyed in Chess. Thank you both for another wonderful experience, we’re very excited to see you again soon (hopefully in the BVI’s?).
Lots of Love,
The Barbers
Lucas, TX

2 Weeks in Eleuthera

Art Director

Dearest Hannah & Dom!
Thank You Both for the best holiday we have ever had! The two of you truly are what makes this boat so special. It was a treat to get to spend a few days with you guys. we are going back a lot of pounds heavier from all the incredible meals you cooked us! And Dom, who would have ever thought someone could teach Ben to 360 on a knee board!! He's never been able to stand up doing any water-sports! haha! But, seriously... Thank you guys so much for making us feel so welcomed! We will miss you both lots and will forever remember you both!!
Can't wait to see you both again and hear about the wedding,
Lots of love,
The Maher's

A Graduation Celebration

Art Director

Dom & Han, Gorgeous week once again! Thank you so very much for helping us and the kiddos enjoy the best of the Bahamas! We are looking forward to round 4!

To a first-rate crew & even better people, thanks D+H for the adventure.

What an amazing week! Thank you for all that you've done, you two go above and beyond. W will muss the Bahamas, but most of all you two <3

Thank you for feeding and housing me! I've never had an experience like this before, but I ope to be back someday!

Thank you so much for a truly exceptional experience. I never thought it possible to feel so comfortable and at home on a boat, ha ha! This was my first snorkel, first time seeing sea turtles and nurse sharks, and I can't wait to come back someday and do it all over again.

The Schwartz Family
Raleigh, NC







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